Lego has magical powers

Why? Because it gave this little boy this huge smile on his face.
Sure it gives many many little boys big smiles, but this particular boy hasn’t had a lot to smile about of late.

This is Monty. He is eight and one of Tamsyn Wood’s four utterly beautiful young children.
Their lives were turned upside down when their dad suffered a devastating head injury five months ago. Two life saving operations later, he’s on the mend – but his recovery could take years. And he may never be the same again.
And it’s really really tough. For all of them, but especially for mum.
I cannot begin to tell their story here so go over to Tamsyn’s blog and read for yourself. It’s utterly heartbreaking, but so full of hope and love.

And so to Monty.
Blogger Superamazing Mum told me about the family and said that Monty is a huge Lego fan.
So I asked Lego to help. Or more specifically, I asked the PRs who deal with Lego to help.
And they did. They really did.
Monty and his family will be spending a family day at Legoland this month to celebrate their mum’s birthday and as you can see from the picture above, they also took delivery of a small mountain of Lego boxes.

Of course gifts from Lego can never help with the nightmarish situation this family finds themselves in. But I hoped that a small gesture from a stranger who wanted to reach out and make a struggling family smile, would go some way to brightening their day just a little.
And also, it goes to prove that being a blogger also puts you in a position to do wonderful things.

You can catch up on dad Alex’s progress at Making Waves for Alex.

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