Blogger Wedding Album

Remember the Blogger Year Book?
Bloggers from all over the world showcasing their school photos; revealing their pigtails, their dodgy fashions and their even dodgier hair.

Well I loved it. Despite the hard work and the moaning at people for their photos being too poor quality or being too late or being too funny. It was all totally worth it. And now I want to do another one.
Today I am launching the digital Blogger Wedding Album.
It will contain your wedding photo, your name and a link to your blog.

All of our fabulous wedding photos in one place.
DEADLINE: You’ve got until April 4 to get them in . . .
You can either post it on your blog with a little story, or you can send them to me at taracain9@googlemail dot com along with your blog URL.
And I’ll kick you off with mine.
Thankfully it’s aged well (it was only 10 years ago).
Seeing this photo reminds me of husband to be’s mum wailing “WHY would you shave you hair off on your wedding day? Why, whyyyyyyy?”!

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