When she comes back she wants to be a killer whale. Or a dolphin

To my six-year-old daughter these are some of the greatest photographs ever taken.
The fact that her mother took them matters not. In fact, the only thing which could have made it better is if she had been in that first one.
She loves animals. All animals. But she has a ‘thing’ about sea creatures and anything from the Polar regions.
Dolphins, sea lions, polar bears, Arctic foxes – and the greatest love of her life, killer whales.

I have no idea where this love stems from, but the year we took her to Sea World while on holiday in Florida and she sat and watched this show, she couldn’t quite believe what she was seeing.
I think she watched the whole thing with her mouth open and I probably sat and watched her sitting there with her mouth open.
But since then she has watched every TV show and sucked up every scrap of information she can lay her young hands on about whales and dolphins.

Which is why, when we were sent a copy of the DVD A Dolphin’s Tale to review and ponder, we’ve had to watch it pretty much non-stop. Like every day for a week. Twice on Saturday.
It’s the true story (“OMG it’s TRUE mummy”) of a dolphin called Winter who lost her tail and is brought to a marine hospital in Florida (“OMG we’ve been to Florida mummy”) and forms a heartwarming bond with the young boy who found her.
Cheesy, right? Yes it is. But if you could see the way my little girl’s eyes light up every. single. time she watches it, well, who cares how cheesy it is?
And DAMN IT it also managed to make me cry for heaven’s sake. Tough old boot me. Bah.
Oh, and it’s also got Harry Connick Jnr in it. I’ll just leave that sentence hanging right there . . .

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