Things I love during the winter

* A piping hot cup of tea to start the day.

* Wearing angora knee-high socks from Marks and Spencer.

* Duvet days in front of the TV.

* Wearing hats.

* Stepping into a lovely warm house after being outside in the cold.

* Having the fire on.

* Stew.

* Ski mittens.

* That crunching sound when you walk over frosty ground.

* Going out so early in the morning that the frost is all sparkly as the sun rises.

* Seeing the kids’ faces when they realise it’s snowed.

I also opened this question up to Twitter and asked ‘what things do you love about winter?’
Here were some of the responses:

@alittlemisfit: Appreciating the warmth inside! Being stuck in the house all day never seemed so appealing until now

@EnglishMum: Pies, stew and dumplings … Treacle sponge and custard.. Just your basic winter gluttony.

@ElsieAnderton: 1. good telly 2. thick tights 3. any sort of stew 4. red lipstick 5. warming Old Fashioned cocktails.

@TheJellyMonster: Onesies, blankies and tea and all that @EnglishMum said too.

@FaryalAhmad: Chunky jumpers. Chunky socks. Hot soup, stew, cake and custard. And hot chocolate!

@Tiddlyompompom: Gravy, frost, fires, woolly jumpers.

@ChristineMosler: Sparkly frost, our wood burner, kids rosy faces, dragon breath, empty beaches, soups and stews, welly walks, DVDs and popcorn.

@Jodiekins22:  The Man walking the kids to school cause I don’t do frost or snow, Bovril, Chestnuts, not shaving your legs and wearing tights 🙂

@DaveFowler: Hot water bottles and Vicks Vaporub!


@HelloitsGemma: Am with her @elsieanderton you can’t beat wooly tights. Comfy, warm and no ladders.

@FlossieTeacake: Wearing tights to hide fact I can’t be bothered to get my legs waxed.

@Amanda_Fitness:  Wrapping up warm, staying in all cosy, my electric blanket, and eating apple crumble and custard.

@PorridgeBrain:  Getting to drink water from the tap cold enough to make you gasp. Also having an excuse to put your hands in nice men’s pockets.

So, what would yours be?

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One Response to Things I love during the winter

  1. Hayley says:

    I have to agree with the crunchy ground, along with mulled wine from the Manchester markets and all things Christmassy!!

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