The Photo Gallery: Landscape

Before children, hubby and I travelled to Thailand.
THE most amazing and beautiful and inspiring place.

This is Phra Nang beach near Krabi. Only accessible by long-tail boat. If you think it looks familiar that could be because it looks very much like something you saw in the James Bond movie Man With the Golden Gun.
That wasn’t filmed here, but at a very similar location – here you get the stunning backdrop without the tourism that’s ruined ‘James Bond Island’ as it’s called (or Ko Tapu).
We also travelled to the tiny island of Phi Phi Leh (used as a location in the film The Beach).
Phi Phi was devastated by the Indian Ocean Tsunami of December 2004, when nearly all of the island’s infrastructure was destroyed.

Unfortunately, my photograph is before digital became mainstream and before I developed a real love of photography so I kind of weep when I see this landscape and think what I could do with it now.
Still, I stood on that beach, open mouthed at the truly breath taking beauty of it all. It is a photographer’s dream.
And one day, one day, I’d love my own children to see this fabulous place. And maybe they can stand there and take a much better photograph than me!

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