The most awesome Star Wars Lego craft project. A tutorial

I saw one of these beauties on Etsy and drooled.
But at £45 I baulked. And then I thought, hang on a minute. We have a squillion Lego Minifigures dotted around this house, I can SO make one myself.
So that’s what I did.
And I now have mahoosive Mummy Brownie Points from Dan who thinks I’m just the coolest mum EVER because he has this hanging on his wall.

So here’s how I did it. It cost me around £12 (not including the figures).

The display frames I bought from Ikea – called Ribba – for the bargain price of £4.25 each.
You will also need:
Superglue of some description
Good quality card (I used a card from a make your own greeting card kit, cut in half, but any card that’s quite robust will do).
Lego Minifigures
Access to a printer
Basic knowledge of Word

First up I wanted to make sure that the font used in the ‘May the Force be with you’ text had the genuine Star Wars look about it, so I found this fabulous site which converts your text into Star Wars font.
You type in your chosen words, choose the font, then download your chosen phrase to your desktop. You can then add it as a ‘picture’ to a Word document.
Cut your piece of card to fit the aperture inside the mount of the frame.
I then resized the Word document to match the size of this piece of card, so when you put the card in your printer and print out the Word document with your Star Wars quote on, it will exactly fit the aperture.
This is as complicated as it gets!

Tape the card to the reverse side of the frame’s mount, making sure your quote is level and of equal distance from the sides and bottom of the mount.
Now turn the mount over to the correct side and glue your Lego Minifigures where you want them. Making sure you hold them down for a few seconds so they stick and not let your excitable 9 year old hold it in the air and yell: “LOOK HOW COOL THIS IS” as all your figures drop off one by one.

Rebuild the frame, and voila.
Then repeat with any other figures you fancy framing.

We’ve toyed with doing a Harry Potter frame and a Pirates of the Caribbean frame but Dan is still struggling with the whole ‘they’re superglued in and you can’t really play with them any more thing’!

And yes, those on the top are his series 6 Lego Minifigure collection.
The boy is slightly obsessed!

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11 Responses to The most awesome Star Wars Lego craft project. A tutorial

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  2. Audrey says:

    Just a thought from the wife of a fellow lego collector… you could make a little beading wire harness to attach around the neck or waist of the figures and then poke it through the back mount and twist in the back then fold it flat so that they aren't "super-glued in" and thus still playable! 🙂 May have to make one of these soon! Thanks for a great post.

  3. Jackie says:

    I have boys and therefore they are hooked on Lego and Star Wars. This is a fantastic idea that I may replicate. Thank you!

  4. nmmgs says:

    You could glue a brick for each figure to the card instead, as a little platform that they could be taken off of for playtimes.

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  6. muminanutshell says:

    Fantastic! We have a stupid amount of mini figures running wild in our house. Even with the petrol to my nearest ikea in Bristol will be cheaper than the etsy one. You’ve just ticked off 4 Christmas presents for me thank you x

  7. Rebecca says:

    This is wonderful! I have all these items in my home already and will be making this as a last minute Christmas gift. One question: I can’t tell from the photos but did you use the glass that came in the frames as well or left it out? Thanks!

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