The Gallery: A Family Story

She never knew how awesome her grandkids are because she died before I ever got around to making babies.
My nan. My mum’s mum.
She was fab.
We used to watch World of Sport wrestling on a Saturday afternoon together. Then show jumping. Then the snooker.
We were usually snacking on crab’s claws or home made crisps at the time. The day she made crisps I declared her to be a culinary genius.
That same evening we’d all walk down to the off licence together because she wanted to queue up and get the Saturday Argos for the football results.
She loved her football. And a bag of pork scratchings and a bar of Fry’s Chocolate Cream; every single week.

She died before either of my children came along. It remains one of my greatest regrets because she would have adored them.
Like I adored her.
(The photo is my nan with her daughter – my mum – in July 1997. She did like her puddings!)

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