Homemade photography gift from your kids. A tutorial


Whose heart wouldn’t melt if presented with a framed picture like this of their kids?
I saw this idea and knew instantly I’d have to have a go. Because, quite frankly, anything involving taking photos for gifts and I’m there!

I made this for the inlaws at Christmas after seeing it done on Pinterest and it’s the easiest thing to make but got a real ‘oh wow’ effect when they opened it.
And it’s perfect for a homemade gift.
You just need patient kids and a sprinkling of creativity. And a camera. And a bunch of other stuff I’m going to tell you about.

So for anyone who fancies giving it a go, here’s how.

1. Decide on a word.
We opted for ‘Love’ but you can have ‘Kiss’ or ‘Mum’ or ‘Family’ or even spell out someone’s name. Anything which has meaning for you or the person you’re giving it to.

2. Create the letters.
You can get the kids to write them out on a sheet of A4 paper or do what we did and print them off using a font we liked.
I just used a Word document and typed each letter onto one sheet so that it filled the page, then printed each one off.
I used Bookman Old Style as the font.

3. Mount your letters.
I bought a clipboard for £1 just because I think it displays the letters well and was easy for the kids to hold while we took the photos.

4. Get creative.
Take loads and loads of photos so you have plenty to choose from. Let the kids get creative if they’re old enough and involve them in the process to make it even more personal – and fun.



5. Tinker around with the photos
Decide on what sort of style you want your finished, framed photo to have.
I opted for black and white, but you could go for sepia tones to give it a more ‘old fashioned’ look or stick with colour.
Play around with a photo editor until you get the style, shape and colour you want.



6. Print the finished photos off and add them to your frame. Stand back and admire.
I bought this frame for £12.99 from TK Maxx, but you could try second-hand shops for a more ‘vintage’ look, Ikea for a modern, clean lines look or even your local supermarket for a bargain.

Honestly, I don’t mean to boast, but it’s the bees knees.

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