Girl Lego. Or grrrr Lego

I never ever thought the day would ever come that I would have something bad to say about Lego.
But why why why does their ‘girl’ Lego need to be, well, girlie?
And the mini figures be . . . just girlie? And, let’s face it, not like mini figures.

This set was sent by a PR for Mia to build and have a play with and she initially winced at the pink packaging but then brightened as the theme was ‘doggy’ and the included character is called ‘Mia’.
“What do you think? Would you like more of the sets?”
“I’d rather have one of the Hero Factory robots”.

I always thought Lego was genderless. Why can’t a girl want to build a Star Wars set just as much as her brother? Or lust after the Harry Potter Hogwarts, or indeed ask for a Hero Factory set?
Or sit and rummage through a pile of those crayon-bright bricks and just create something.
Building and exploring doesn’t need to be pigeonholed. Does it?

I’m saying all this like some angry rant but actually it’s not. I know Lego have had pink boxes of bricks for years. And personally, we’ve always ignored them.
I think we’ll be ignoring this range too.
I my humble opinion Lego doesn’t need ‘girl’ sets – it’s awesome enough as it is.


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