Experimenting on my kids

The day I gave my kids sprouts I devised a plan.
I cooked up their very favourite meal – roast dinner with Yorkshire Puds – and then at the dinner table told them a really juicy tit bit I’d picked up from the school gate that very morning.
They were so distracted they barely noticed something new on their plate and mindlessly added them to their fork and chowed down.
They now eat them all the time. Willingly as well.

The point is, I wonder how many kids won’t eat something just because of the way it looks or the bad rep that piece of food has?
Hell I do it and I’m 43! Do NOT put beetroot anywhere near my plate.
And I mean just look at passion fruit – would you even believe that’s a fruit if confronted with it for the first time?

Both of my kids are big fruit and veg eaters but they’ve just lately started to narrow their range down and will only eat a couple of favourites.
Mia is so obsessed with tomatoes she’s become known as ‘Mia Grace Tomato Face’.
Well, I wanted to change that. Get them to broaden out a bit. Because I am In Charge.
So we conducted a little experiment.

A platter of 9 different types of fruit – some they always have, some they haven’t had in a while, some new.
Pen and paper to write your guesses/comments.
A ‘reward’ at the end of it.
(The toothpicks were to pick the fruit up, not for torture).

It was actually very interesting to see their reaction to some of the fruits, which were:
Passion fruit

The top and tail of it was they detest raspberries (a bit harsh) and “don’t EVER put that anywhere near my plate again” for the passion fruit. Other than that they really liked them all.
Of course, they like the large bag of Minstrels the most!

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