We have a dog. WE HAVE A DOG!

hungarian vizsla puppy

On New Year’s Day we went for our usual walk to the local woods.
Purely by chance we saw a lady with two dogs walk by – a breed of dog we have been considering getting for ourselves.
You know the eternal dog dilemma? The shall we/shan’t we/could we inflict Mia on the poor thing?
Yeah, it’s been ongoing for a while.
I grew up with dogs and it feels just wrong to not have my own children experience that joy.
On New Year’s Eve we chatted about it. Again. And decided we’d want to actually ‘see’ them in action before committing rather than just paw over pictures of them in books.
We had set our hearts on a Hungarian Vizsla.

So the very next day, we’re off on our walk an these two dogs literally ran before our very eyes. They’re not a breed you see that often, so I stopped their owner. I actually ran after her and accosted her.
And we chatted for ages about what sort of pet they are, are they suitable for children, could they withstand an animal MAD 6 year old hugging them to death?
And she was wonderful and really helpful and put our minds at ease that yes, these were the dogs for us.

So I took her phone number and a few days later sent her a text to say could she give us any advice, or hook us up with the breeder where she had had her two from.
Then she sent me an email that was to change our lives. For personal reasons she was struggling with her two. Although they are still pups they are big dogs and, well, after meeting us she had made a decision; would we like to consider adopting Ronin?
I may have actually squealed.

To cut a long story short, we now have a new dog. An 8 month old, leggy lovely.
Just 7 days after this chance meeting on a day when their owner very nearly took her two dogs to the Malvern Hills instead of the woods where we were tramping.
How’s about that for a start to 2012?

This is Ronin. He is quite magnificent and now totally big headed as I can’t stop telling him how handsome he is.
We’re hooked.
I wonder how long it’s going to take him to get bored of me pointing a camera at him . . . ?


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