Dog walker

vizsla playing

Yes yes we have a new dog and he’s totally taken over our lives and my husband is totally besotted with him which pretty much means I’ve lost my ‘spot’ on the sofa.
But he’s utterly gorgeous so I’ll let him off (the dog, not the husband, he’s in deep do do).

And obviously, because he’s in the Sticky Fingers household, he has to get used to having his photograph taken.
A lot.
So, I took advantage of the fact that I was sent a Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray phone to test the camera out on, and started taking it on our walks. Just popped it right there in my pocket next to the poo bags and the doggy treats.

Ah yes the walks. I am totally hooked.
Granted I haven’t had to endure the rain yet, but at the moment here in the UK the mornings are just gorgeous – cold and crisp – and I get to see things I would never ordinarily see from my office chair or the treadmill in a gym.
Plus it means we get outdoors more as a family and you really can’t put a price on that.

So here are a few photos from our walks over the passed two weeks.
Welcome to your new home Ronin. We think you’re bloody ace.

(Note: These photos are all straight out of phone, unedited pictures so judge for yourself how good the camera phone is. I was really rather impressed)

vizsla shadow
vizsla walk
lickey hills in autumn
tree climbing at the lickey hills
hungarian vizslas nose
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