What to buy a 6 year old girl for Christmas

So yesterday I was your own personal toy consultant and revealed what you should (and shouldn’t) be buying your 9 year old boy for Christmas.
Today it’s the girls’ turn.

We’ve tested/pulled apart/jumped on loads and loads of toys as part of the Toys R Us Toyologist programme and also just through items sent to this blog.
And now I’m going to share with you the best – and the worst – to make that Christmas shop a liiiitle easier.
So, in no particular order:

Barbie Fashionista, £19.99 each
Oh god. She sheds glitter and has the most annoying, repetitive song ever.
Barbie is now, it seems, a fashionista. A fashion, fashion, fashionista.
And when you press a star on her tummy, she sings this song. Over and over and over and over.
Plus did I mention that she’s wearing glittery clothes . . . yes, I’m really enjoying that scattered everywhere around the house! Mia loves her though. We’ve come to blows over this toy.

Hello Kitty Vanity Case, £19.99
An impressive looking case with a light up vanity mirror when you open it up.
There’s lots of things for you to worry about ending up all over your bedding inside: lipgloss, eyeshadow, blusher, brushes, nail varnish, hair bobbles, hair clips, a comb.
BUT the plastic moulding which holds the items in place is nigh on impossible for a child to get the stuff out on their own. I had to employ the use of a knife to prise the body glitter tubes out.
Rather on the expensive side I thought, but then I guess you’re paying for the brand.

Gasdon Ironing Board/Dyson Ball Vacuum, £19.99 each
How do I say this without sounding too harsh? Utter rubbish.
Honestly, if I’d paid that much money for either of these toys I would have been marching right back to that shop with an angry face on.
The ironing board couldn’t be built because one of the parts was too darn fiddly to attach, and even when we improvised it was really poorly built and felt cheap.
The vacuum was OK, but not £20 worth. Especially as the darn thing never stands up.
Not at all impressed. Even if Mia vacuumed the whole house enthusiastically.

California Dream House, £99.99
Awfully expensive for a heap of plastic. Maybe I’m being a bit unfair, as it is a nice pad for Barbie and her crew with it’s 7 rooms and ‘star gazer balcony’.
But like I said, £100 . . .

Teacup Piggies, £14.99
I mean come on, what will they think of next?
This is a talking pig in a teacup. But my 6 year old thinks it’s marvellous!
Not so sure about the phrases: “Hi, my name is Copper and I love the beach”and “I want to go for a ride in my limo” but it is actually rather cute.
The teacup was abandoned after just one day and at nearly £15 I think it’s quite expensive. Also be warned, there are clothes and a limo (?!) to buy in this range, so the threat of pester power is great!

Moon Sand Candy Factory, £14.99
I am a bad mother for I cannot abide this stuff.
So we gave it to the school to test out for us and the kids all loved it.
Moon Sand is strange stuff. It looks like sand and has the texture of soft brown sugar I guess but moulds really easily and doesn’t leave a gross smell on your fingers like say PlayDoh. Plus you can use it over and over again as it doesn’t dry out
It’s easy enough to clear up I guess. But urgh.
Squidgy moudable fun.
Disappointing that there are only two colours of sand (on the box front it shows three) though.
Great way to get creative – just make sure you prepare for a mess!

Paper Jamz Pro Mic, £29.99
If you can bear the noise and the terrible showmanship, this is a great gift!
t’s essentially a karaoke machine. No no, wait don’t run for the hills!
It is in fact made of plastic, not paper, and comes with a small amp with touch sensitive buttons.
And it has lots of built-in features to make you sound ‘like a star’. Mia wanted to sound like Abba.
The sound quality is surprisingly good for such a small thing and can be carried around on your person for maximum in-house flexibility!
You can also connect to the computer and download more tunes (as the ones it comes with I’d never actually heard of).

Nail Art Activity Pack , £5.99
For £6 you get nail varnishes, a nail file, temporary tattoos and a whole bunch of gems and holographic strips to adorn your nails with – manna from heaven for a little girl!
Mia and a friend whipped the lot out and spent an hour adorning their fingers and toes with the stuff – and there wasn’t even that much mess. SCORE.
There are no instructions on how to apply the tattoos/holographic strips but it’s easy enough to make up as you go along
A cracking present idea.

Singamajigs, £9.99 each
Pointless, annoying and slightly creepy. But strangely addictive. Discover why in this short video.


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