What Playmobil to buy for Christmas

If you cut my 9 year old in half, through his belly, he would have Lego printed through and through. Like a stick of Blackpool rock.
Sorry about the imagery, but you get the picture. He is a fan. A raving fan.
His 6 year old sister however, is a Playmobil girl through and through.
We bought her first set when she was nearly four and she still plays with it even now.
It’s one of those toys we’re actually glad we bought and won’t be passing on for quite some time!

So, in no particular order, here are our recommendations for which Playmobil sets to buy this Christmas. I consulted the experts (the kids) who gave this a great deal of thought as they know how cross parents could be with them if they direct them to something rubbish.
So, with the full weight of that responsibility on their little shoulders, here are their suggestions:

1. Vet Operating Room
This was Mia’s first foray into Playmobil a few years ago now and can honestly say it’s been one of the best toys we ever bought her.
She still plays with it now. She is obsessed with all things animals and sits and patiently puts that dalmatian dog through it’s scanner like it’s very life depends on it.
Lots of little fiddly bits and pieces but we’ve managed to hang on to every bandage, plaster and scalpel.
(Around £20 but you can get cheaper if you shop around).

2. Large Zoo
We were really lucky to be sent this to review and it is truly awesome. Expensive at almost £70 but you get a lot of mobil to your buck.
And when I say you get a lot of mobil, you need to have a decent size space to set up as it takes up quite a bit of room.
But if you don’t want to spend quite so much money, Mia’s very favourite addition to the zoo is this vehicle and trailer (around £20).

Followed by the Children’s Zoo (£30) which is basically a petting zoo with duck pond, animal shelter, fencing and various farmyard animals.

3. Vacation Family Motor home
I think this is the set which switched the husband onto Playmobil!
The cosy camper comes with roof storage, a bike rack, camping equipment and a compact and bijou kitchenette.
And it means all the bits and pieces can be stored inside so it’s easy to store away or carry around.
Husband wants the adult-size version.
Around £40 but I’ve seen it online for around £35.

4. Hand launch glider.
I was a bit meh when we got one of these to review. There is no way my 8 year old is going to buy into this surely?
I was wrong. He took it to his friend’s house and they built it and played with it together all afternoon.
It’s basically a polystyrene body that you attach Playmobil bits too and then your launch it and fly it.
A brilliant buy at around £15 and makes a great gift.

5. Top Agents
I have to admit, Playmobil have really made an effort to hook older boys into their range of toys. And these are bang on the money.
Dan informs me the best of the bunch is the Robo Gangster Truck (£30 see video below), with satellite launch pad and missiles. AND best of all, you can buy an extra kit to turn it into a remote controlled vehicle (£50).
AND even better than that, you can also get a Spy Camera Set (£60) which you can also attach to the truck and spy on everyone around the house even when you’re nowhere in sight!
Of course all of this means it goes from being a reasonably priced car to a rather expensive set up; but phwar what a set up!

And then there’s the daddy of the Top Agents stuff. The Secret Agent Headquarters (around £60 at Toys R Us).
We were sent this to test out as part of the Toys R Us Toyologist programme and boy what a set!
A rotating wall reveals a secret mission room, there’s a prison cell with trap door, a rocket launcher on the roof and even an alarm system to make sure your little sister doesn’t get in on any of the action!

And by ordinary I obviously mean awesome. Ahem.

Note: I’ve just spent the past 3 hours building the above HQ set on my own in the kitchen, long long after the kids went to bed and said they’d finish it in the morning.
I’m telling myself they’ll be chuffed to bits to see it finished when they come down in the morning . . . 

Note#2: They weren’t chuffed. I have been reprimanded.

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