The Photo Gallery: Week 84 – win a giant photo canvas from Photo World

Hello and welcome to week 84 of The Gallery.

Last month I boasted and bragged about a new canvas I’d been given to review by Photo World.
It’s huge and it’s beautiful and it’s had the grandmas in raptures.
It’s the kind of picture that makes a statement. And that statement is: I took this awesome photo.

So enough of my boasting . . .  do you want one?
Because I loved my picture so much I asked Photo World if they would give one away on The Gallery. And they were delighted to.

So, this week’s theme is: My Awesome Photo.

If you won, which photo would you use?
That’s it. Here is your chance to have an amazing Christmas present – either for yourself or for a loved one.
The prize is any one photo canvas at Photo World upto the value of £100.
Mine (below) was a 60×80 cm and it looks wonderful.

To enter all you have to do is link your photo post to the Gallery when it goes live here on this blog next Wednesday (December 7). And there will be a shorter than usual entry period this time – entries will close on Friday at midday.
So take the time this weekend to get snapping, or dig out that awesome photo you’d like to see make a staring role.
It can be anything: Your kids, a scenic shot, a holiday, a pet, a flower, something abstract. Whatever you like.

And absolutely ANYONE can join in.

Come back on Wednesday to add your link when The Gallery post goes up.
Then visit as many of the other entries as you can to see what they’ve come up with.

Say hi, discover new people, welcome them in when they discover you.
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, you will get out of The Gallery what you put into it, so go have some fun.
Appreciate the wonderful words and photos that are opening themselves up to you.

If you’re new here and want to find out what The Gallery is all about and how to enter visit here.
And if you want to make sure you don’t miss any prompts or entries in future, make sure you subscribe to my RSS or email feed.

Go on, clicky click away, you know you want to …
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