Sucking up information

Six is a magical age for children.

They’re sucking up all kinds of new information, but now they can actually understand it. They can make decisions based on it, store it away, use it, manipulate it.
I love to watch my kids learn. Dan is studying World War II at school and loving every minute of it. 
And I love that he’s taking a keen interest in our history and asking questions and being amazed by what has helped shape our world.
I don’t normally mention advertisers on this site, but Mia has been trying out the Reading Eggs over there on the right and she’s totally and utterly hooked.
(Plus you can sign up for a free trial).
This is the sight I see most nights after school.
It never ceases to amaze me how much kids can tap into modern technology to learn and flex their little grey cells.
And after this, she goes and sits up in her bed, books scattered all around her, and I can hear her trying to read them. Sounding out the letters, jigsawing the sounds together and slowly but surely becoming a bookworm. Just like her mum.

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