She’s got this Christmas thing all sewn up

My 6 year old is being particularly challenging at the moment.

Poo head.
Blah blah BLAH.
NOT listening. NOT listening. La la la.

These are quotes from her not me.

I tell her, tell her, tell her, tell her. I don’t think a word of it goes in and instead all she hears is ‘go on Mia, do what you like, say what you like. Drive mummy mad. Go on Mia. Go on girl’.

So I say to her: “Mia, I’m going to have to have a serious word with Santa about your behaviour. He really won’t be happy to hear you’ve been so naughty will he?”
And I swear to you dear internet, she gives me the sort of withering ‘I’m only tolerating you’ look you expect from a mother in law, complete with hands on her little hips and an eye roll and says: “Mum. Christmas isn’t just about presents and stuff. It’s about family and being together. Surely you should know that?”

And she stalks off leaving me in her wake. Mouth agape.

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