How to engage successfully with a parent blogger

This post was going to be all about the fabulous day we had as a family for my son’s 9th birthday.
How we borrowed a Lexus for the weekend, had a day out and then came home to family, a fish and chip supper and games on the Wii.

But actually I wanted to highlight how a social media campaign managed to bring a smile to my whole family’s face and make me realise that, for all the companies who get social media outreach really really wrong, there are some who really do know how to get it right.

We were asked if we’d like to try out the Lexus Hybrid car (basically it’s a part petrol, part electric engine). Or bionic as my 6 year old decided.
It’s part of an idea to make test drives more social. You Tweet them at @drivelexusuk and use the hashtag #socialtestdrive and they basically set it all up for you. Yes, really, go on, give it a go.

So, I told them it was my son’s birthday that weekend and I wasn’t sure what we were up to.
They offered to send us to the West Midlands Safari Park for the day. They simply said ‘go enjoy’.

And from the moment the lovely Nick dropped our car off I was blown away by their attention to detail.
On the backseat of the car was a box of goodies for the children: A camera each to record their day, a birthday card for Dan, a whole array of age-appropriate novels for him and a tub of sweets for the journey.
“What lovely people” Dan declares. “They totally thought of us”.
Lesson learned: Make my kids happy, you make me happy.

We arrive at the park where Dan is the star of the stage at the sealion show – something he has since boasted to everyone about but was very cool about on the day!
“I touched a dead fish’s EYEBALL” was all he said after getting to meet, greet and feed said sealion.
Next we go to lunch to find a corner of the restaurant decorated for us and after dinner a birthday cake (along with singing elves).

We go to collect our photo of Dan’s sealion encounter to discover we’ve also been left an ‘Adopt a Buddy’ box. We’re adopting a white tiger for a year. The kids are beyond excited.
Lesson learned: Make the day easy and fun and totally up our street and we will love you forever.

So we tour the park, with cameras in hand.
We get a car full of camels, up close and personal with a zebra and Mia nearly hyperventilates with excitement when she sees the white lions.

We come home with big smiles on our faces and a very good feeling about Lexus.
I was at no time asked to write or do anything about our day, except enjoy it and enjoy the Lexus experience.

Lesson learned: Don’t make demands or assumptions or try to force feed me information or make demands that are inappropriate to the blogs you pitch to.
I have two kids who have gone to school this week telling everyone how awesome Lexus cars are! And a very cynical husband who said that actually they’re a great car. And that’s HUGE coming from him!


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