How to be a good wife

There is no right or wrong answer to this surely?!
So before I reveal the answers given to me by a group of UK male bloggers and the wisdom of Twitter when I asked, I give you what a 9 year old boy believes makes a good wife:

“Girls? Urgh. I don’t need to even think about that cause I’ve got you mum.”
Head. Swell. I’m recording this and playing it back every time he brings a girl home as a teenager.

So here is a video of what some men think the answer is . . .

And then I asked Twitter . . .

The fact I have no idea of an answer to this should really be telling me something shouldn’t it?

My wife is a good wife. Infact the best 🙂 We are a team. That makes a good wife. Helps to be good with food also 😉

Compromise, respect and fairness. And a lot of gin!

Someone who isn’t afraid to be herself even though it is easy to get swallowed up in the relationship and knows how to do “stuff”

Someone loving and supportive, non critical and accepting of the other person. Same both ways to be honest!

Hubs says ~ patience and understanding, and knowing you can’t change him.

I guess a good wife would have the patience of a saint, a damn good sense of humour and a big heart 🙂
And my OH just piped up “she has to have a nice bum”…..if that counts….lol

My mum gets up with my dad to see him off to work with a cup if tea and breakfast even if it’s at 4am. #whatmakesagoodwife

A woman who knows her own mind and her husband’s, well enough for the two of them! Kitchen and bedroom skills a bonus!

Hubby says: ‘Pleasing to look at from the front, always got your back and gives good head:)’ Then he spilt glass of pepsi over 2 MacBooks!

Feisty make good wives, just need strong husbands else they become doormats (or not husbands….!!)

So you tell me, what makes a good wife?

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