Do you still believe in Santa?

This week my 8 year old son asked me point blank if there is such a person as Santa.
“Or is it you and dad? One of the boys at school is telling everyone that his mum told him. Is it true mum?”
He looked me right in the eyes. He was even holding my one hand at the time and giving me a Look.
I felt SUCH a heel lying to him and telling him that yes indeed, Santa is real and his friend at school was probably just teasing them all.

Last year we had the amazing opportunity of travelling to Lapland to meet Santa in person in his log cabin in the isolated forests.
It was nothing short of magical as we travelled to meet him in a reindeer-driven sleigh over glistening snow and my two awe-struck children were invited in to sit either side of the great man and chat about their lives.
Utterly magical.
And I don’t want that magic to end.

Dan is definitely on the cusp. To be honest, I’m chuffed he’s remained a believer for 9 years. I fear this is the final year.
Next year my boy goes to middle school. Where he will mix with older kids for whom the magic ended years ago. Kids who will laugh at anyone who still believes.
It’s sad, but it’s true.

And so I’m giving my boy this year and then we’re going to tell him.
We’re going to entrust him with the real truth about Father Christmas. That he was a very kind and generous soul called Saint Nick who lived many many years ago and that people decided that they wanted to keep the spirit of his kind ways alive and so that is where Santa Claus came from.
And then we’re going to ask him to help us keep that magic alive for his little sister, so that she can enjoy many more years of believing.

And THEN I’m going to hope and pray that like me, he will carry on believing anyway. Because we all need a little magic in our lives.

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