Who is Elvis Presley anyway?

The cacophony of sound drifting down the stairs at about 8pm every night in this house is hellish.
Mia is deeply in love with Abba and Ella Fitzgerald, while Dan drifts off to sleep to the strains of Depeche Mode and Red Hot Chilli Peppers.
I get to hear the mixture of these at the foot of the stairs and am sent very slowly insane.

But I do love that my kids love music. They recently raided our CD collection (covered in dust. Not looked at in YEARS. Some slightly embarrassing additions) and are like all their Christmases have come at once as they totter back up stairs to their rooms with a tower of new music in their arms.

The Wii game Just Dance is also a regular in our house and Mia loves to shake her thang to Viva Las Vegas. Only she sings at the top of her lungs “JESUS LAS VEGAS”.
I never ever put her right because it’s just too damn cute.

Dan: “Mia, it’s VIVA Las Vegas. Stop saying Jesus.”
Mia: “But I like singing that version.”
Dan: “I don’t think Elvis would approve.”
Mia: “Who?”
Dan. Rolls his eyes like you should be born with this knowledge, despite the fact that he probably only discovered who he is himself last year. “You know, Elvis. He was the famous singer who wore mad outfits and died eating a burger on the toilet.”
Me: “Well, there was a lot more to him than that Dan . . . “
Mia: “He sounds GREAT!”
Me. I give in.

However, I have been saved from imminent madness now Dan has this pair of db Logic headphones to try out. Look how seriously gorgeous they are; all shiny and green!

I confess, we’ve avoided the whole earphone buying thing because Dan plays his music so loud and, well, I’m just a cotton wool parent and don’t want him damaging his ears.
I don’t even know if that is a possibility, but given the type of music and the fact he likes it cranked up so loud, we’ve shied away.
But these beauts are apparently designed to limit exposure to music which is too loud and prevent acoustic shock, whatever the heck that is. Sounds bad though, eh?
Not sure he could get acoustic shock from Michael Jackson (another current favourite), but Dan’s now asked his dad to download JLS for him onto his iPod. I hope to GOD these new earphones can manage to filter that god awful sound RIGHT out.
(PS. I also managed to video Dan singing along to Lady Gaga’s Poker Face while wearing his new earphones. He absolutely FORBADE me from using it!)
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