The Photo Gallery: 11.11.11

Dan: “Why do we actually wear poppies? What does it really mean?”
Me: “Well, we wear them to remember all those men and women who died so that we can be free. And we wear them on a certain day every year so that everyone can come together and pay their respects.”
Dan: “Like the people we’re learning about at school?”
They’re studying World War II in Year 4 and Dan is gripped by tales of Kinder transport, prisoners of war and rationing.
Me: “Yes, exactly those people. It’s really sad because very soon there will be no one left alive from those days. No one to remember what it was like or to tell us about their experiences of it and the hardship they suffered. That’s why Remembrance Day is so important.”
Dan. Pauses and takes the weight of what I’ve said in.
“I’ll pass it on mum. I’ll make sure no one ever forgets.”

A good friend of mine was doing her shopping at Sainsbury’s when the eleventh hour struck on 11.11.11 and silence descended over the bustling supermarket.
She said it almost brought her to tears, stood there, observing the silence, a busy store brought to a standstill with everyone stood in reflection, all connected over one amazing thing.

This post for for week 81 of The Gallery: 11.11.11.
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