The Gallery: Something I Am Proud Of

I look at photographs like this and feel so very proud.
The eyes, the half smile, the way her hair falls around her cheek, the Look, contrast of her black-as-night eyes with her beautiful olive skin; THIS right here is the very essence of my little girl.
And I took that photograph.

I have always always had a passion for taking photos over the years but it’s only since I had children I decided to up my game and improve myself.
Through trial and error mainly. Through experimenting and getting my very willing volunteers to help me out.
And now I can take pictures like this? Well, I am really quite proud of myself.
I’m no expert and barely a hobbyist truth be told, but it’s something I really enjoy and I am chuffed to bits and pieces that I can hold my hand up and say ‘I took that’.

This post for for week 82 of The Gallery: Something I Am Proud Of.
If you’re new and want to know what The Gallery is, go and read here, and then come right back and join in!
You can also pick up The Gallery code if you want too.

Now go forth and show some big blog love. This virtual gallery of photographs is about enjoying each other’s work, so go make someone’s day.

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