The first hour of the day

The intention of this blog was always first and foremost to leave a record of our lives for my children when they are grown.
And as we spend a huge amount of our time getting ready for the school run every day, I thought it pertinent to give a representation of it.
How exactly did we spend our first school years?

We have to drive to school, so we park up a 5 minute walk away and stroll hand in hand the rest of the way. And by hand in hand I mean the kids run off with their friends and leave me in their wake carrying their book bags, water bottles, guitar, lunch boxes, EVERYTHING, looking slightly demented.

So here is our school day as recorded on Friday, November 4:

* Struggling to get up
* My ablutions (yes I am a BIG Liz Earle fan. No they didn’t pay me to say that)
* Breakfast of champions
* Back upstairs to get dressed and make beds

* Teeth brushed (they insist on having the same bloody brush so we have to distinguish them with a different coloured hair band each!)
* Moisturise your hands. Every day. This is important. I have tried many many many many types of hand cream. This is by far the best. And no they didn’t pay me to say that either.
* School shoes on.
* Mummy likes to smell nice even on the school run.

* Leaving the house. See? Addicted to Lego. He’s ages old and his hands have fallen off, but still . . .
* Into the car (we borrowed a Chevrolet Orlando for a week to do the school run and felt rather posh). Mia is in ‘civvies’ as it’s Forest School today. She’s also point blank refusing to be in any more photos.
* Reading on the short drive to school
* Walking together to the school gate.

* Over the crossing with the ancient but very jolly Lollipop Man
* On my way home, down lovely country lanes
* First things first; Make that first cuppa of the day
* Start work.

So, is your school morning similar?
NOTE: I also posted about the Bedtime Hour in our house here!

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