The Face of a winner

A couple of week’s ago The Gallery offered a prize. A fabo prize. Something I own myself and thought it was so fabo I asked if I could give one away to you lot. As a reward for being, well you.
It was a Kodak Pulse Digital Frame. You can read about it’s brilliance right there on that link.

And in order to win it you had to take a photo of ‘Faces’.

So, drum roll, here is the winner. As judged by the very wonderful Paula, because let me tell you it was really really tough.

But a winner we have.
Trish at Mum’s Gone To wowed us with this entry:
The Gallery: Faces – Survivors

In Judge Paula’s words: “They are all brilliant – a couple made me laugh out loud, lots made me smile, plenty of them brought me close to tears and a couple made me sob pathetically, but in the end there was one that I kept returning to. 
” What I love about The Gallery is the how brilliantly people marry up words and images to tell the whole story and this is what the winner did for me perfectly. 
“I think it’s also particularly poignant at this time of year as we remember those who fought for us, many of who weren’t survivors”.

There is no Gallery this week. Read here to see why; it’s worth the wait!

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