The day we rode the Fastest Sofa in the World

And there aren’t many people who can say that, right?
There are a handful of blogging perks that have actually had my kids looking at me like I’m the Coolest Mum to Ever Live.
This was one of them.

We were invited to spend the day at the head offices of the Guinness World Records. Yes THE Guinness World Records. The one my 8 year old adores.
And it was to promote the latest Guinness World Records book, which PR invite or no PR invite my stat-loving son will tell you is AWESOME.

So we got to watch the lovely John Farnworth and his amazing football control skills, along with Sam Sam the Bubble Man, the longest rabbit and Sean Shannon the fastest talker.

(That’s the oldest vomit in the world, by the way)

But how do you top all of this? I mean really?
Well, you invite your VIP guests outside to be driven around the streets of London on the Fastest Sofa in the World. Complete with pizza steering wheel, potted plants and grand mantel clock as the speedo.

Suddenly everyone LOVES that mummy is a blogger!

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  1. jadecampbell says:

    awesome keep posting

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