The bedtime hour

Last week I posted about the first hour of our day. The school run, basically.
And we had such a blast doing it that today I give you the last hour of our day. The Bedtime Hour.

Upstairs, undress, clothes in the hamper NOT on the floor please. PJs on.
Ablutions. Wash, teeth brushed, photo of us all in the bathroom mirror *ahem*
Dan reads pretty much every night; either us to him or him to us. Or both. And he often goes on reading even when we’ve left. Total bookworm (*pumps air with fist*)
New PJs. Utterly brilliant bamboo PJs. Bamboo, right? Dan’s a night sweater (sorry Dan) but these have proved better than any cotton PJs he’s worn. Plus Dan says “they feel like silk and make me want to meditate”. Ok son! That’ll be his way of telling you he’s big fan so big thumbs up from us thank you Bamboo Textiles.

Into Mia’s room where just about the ONLY girlie thing she owns hangs from the door.
Mia is more of a talker. We lie on her bed and chat about her day, the things she’s learned, what’s happening tomorrow, how many days until Christmas. That question about Christmas Every. Single. Night.
Two of Mia’s friends. I think she owns every cuddly animal known to man.
The nightlight. Total comfort in a glowing Ikea ball.

At nearly 9 years old Dan has suddenly become super busy during the bedtime hour. He gets in 10 minutes of DS time (Pokemon Black and White in case you’re curious) and even more reading.
Mia on the other hand . . .
And then I go in to check on Dan and tell him it’s lights out time. To find this. Bloody gorgeous boy!

It may look calm and collected by this is not every night.
Some nights we wrestle on the husband’s and my giant bed. Some nights I seem to do nothing but yell “DO NOT DO THAT TO YOUR SISTER/BROTHER”. Some nights they don’t want either of us and just each other.
I love the bedtime hour no matter what truth be told.
How about you?

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