Best apps for an iPod Touch?

When you have a phone with apps on, it’s never yours for long.
After must a matter a weeks, my kids had their own folders on there with a whole batch of games they’d IDd and then it was a downhill, very slippery slope.
The amount of times I’ve gone to use said phone, only to find there is 15% battery charge left because someone has been totally and utterly lost in a game of Angry Birds on the back seat of the car, well, it’s enough to have me coin the shouty phrase “MY phone, MY battery life. Sling your hooks the pair of you” or something similar.

Anyway, Dan now has an iPod Touch so he can leave me in peace and stop BADGERING me to browse the app store for another energy-sapping game.
We didn’t buy it for him. It’s something I’ve been sent via this blog and hubby and I agonised over whether it was appropriate for a nearly 9 year old to own.
But for whatever reason, we’ve decided we’re OK with that – under supervision and Big Brother Dad watching over his every move.

So now we’re in the process of adding his own apps onto there so he can get his (literally) sticky fingers off mine.
Here are the ones we’re using; BUT I would love it if you have any suitable suggestions for a sport loving, slightly geeky, nearly 9 year old.

Angry Birds.
There is a reason it’s as popular as it is and you can buy Angry Birds personal stereos and cuddly toys.
It’s utterly addictive and Dan and I are STILL playing it together. He’s much better than me at it. I will never ever tell him this.

Fruit Ninja
Slash various fruits with a ninja sword. You’d never read that and think ‘ooooo, I’m in’. But jeez, so addictive especially when you get to compare what swords you’ve managed to achieve with someone else equally addicted (looks directly at Mocha Beanie Mommy).

Tiny Wings
Fly as fast as you can on your cute, little stumpy wings before the night catches up with you. Use the hills to boost yourself higher and watch out for that annoying gravity.
He has lost whole car journeys playing this game.

A really simple concept: You draw a world and then play in it. I’ve had six boys all crowded around my phone at the school gate as Dan insists he shows everyone what he’s achieved so far.

Aww, my little nerd

Thirsty Pete
The reason we have the iPod Touch. We were asked to test this free app which is actually designed to encourage you to drink more water.
You have to look after Pete in a Tamagochi stylee (we killed our first Pete because we totally forgot about him and he dehydrated). You answer quiz questions, are rewarded with glasses of water and then feed them to Mr Thirsty to keep him jiggling and alive.
But it’s had Dan in absolute fits of giggles because there is a ‘wee checker’ and it asks questions like this in the water quiz:

And this happens when you shake him:

But best of all is Pete on Repeat where in you speak to Pete and he repeats it in his high, helium-esque voice. Nothing at all to do with water, but this is the effect when you have a go with your kids. Gigglefest.
(Oh and by the way, Pete is a mum hater; notice how he ignores what I say and only repeats Dan’s phrases. Pah)

So, any suggestions for us?

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