When Photo World offered to make one of my photographs up into a canvas I was adamant I wanted to use a photo from my recent trip to Indonesia.
I mean, such an experience in big, glorious colour on my wall would be amazing, right?
Only I actually couldn’t decide on which photo. Too many to choose from. Too many memories. Maybe I need to wait a while to let it sink in a bit more?

So I opted for my girl. My challenging, feisty, independent, beautiful girl.
And I chose it because I want to remember her at this age.
The age where we clash regularly because I want her to learn how to be understanding and compassionate and helpful. But she wants to be understanding and compassionate and helpful on her terms.
I can already see the sort of young woman she’s going to grow into. Sure she’s stubborn, cheeky – downright naughty at times. She has me tearing my hair out and despairing at the number of times she has to move down the ‘zone’ board. That SHE made and insisted on running at home.

This picture is to my 6 year old as she gazes down on us in the playroom.
I know she’s going to be amazing.

Many thanks to Photo World for this wonderful canvas. It looks the business.
Super easy to order and came just a couple of days after.

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