What’s the point of children climbing trees?

I heard of someone asking this question recently.
Seriously? If you need to ask that question you’re in big trouble. Or your kids are in trouble because they’re going to miss out on so much. That sense of soaring achievement when you reach the top branches. Having scratched arms and grazed knees but knowing you did something fab to get them.

The person in question also couldn’t see the value in grubbing under Horse Chestnut trees for their fruits then playing conkers with them.
I wonder if his kids have ever rolled down a hill or built a den in the woods from sticks and leaves found on the canopy floor? Or ran down a snowy hill at full pelt then fallen face first in the fluffy stuff?

This is nature’s playground and it is there for our children to grow up in and explore and just ‘do’.
There is no point of climbing trees really, but it feels bloody good.

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