The Photo Gallery: Blue

The first of October.
In the UK that spells much cooler days, a sea of fallen leaves littering the ground – and time to haul the woolies from the back of the wardrobe.
But no. This is my girl in her swimming costume (or at least the bottom half of it as she flat refused to wear the top: “I mean, what’s the point of me wearing it? Tell me and I’ll wear it.” I couldn’t and she didn’t).

We are at our friends’ house and the sun is beating down. Like mid summer beating down. We have suntan lotion and hats and everything.
We had a BBQ and lounged and revelled.
And the dad hooked up a hose to the slide, pegged down a large plastic sheet at the bottom and voila, a water park that kept four kids entertained for a whole, beautiful summer’s afternoon.
In October.

The colour was blue, but it felt like a red letter day.

This post for for week 77 of The Gallery: Colour.
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