Skylanders have taken over my son

Dan was sent the new Skylanders starter pack for the Wii and basically we haven’t seen him since.
I’m told it’s one of the ‘must have’ toys for this Christmas and all I’ve heard from him all week is “so cool” and “sick” (which I’m also told is a good thing) and that he’s told every one of his friends that they have to have one too.

The Skylanders are basically plastic characters that come to life. Or at least, you pop them on the Portal of Power and they ‘leap’ into the Wii game.
Unfortunately there are 30 characters to collect . . .
And you can also take them to you’re friends’ house and your characters remember all their upgrades etc – no matter what gaming system you play it on.

Billed as ‘action figures with brains’ it freaks the hell out of me, but the 8 year old tells me it’s “wicked”.
High praise indeed.

And with that, I’ll basically let the photos do the talking.

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