In love with little girls fashion all over again

My 6 year old isn’t in to fashion.
At the gymnastics class she’s recently started, she’s the only girl who refuses to wear leggings and a leotard and instead struts her stuff in her brother’s hand-me-down cut-off joggers and a vest.
She looks bloody fabulous.

She absolutely positively does not want to be a ‘girl’.
And she absolutely positively knows her own mind.
Which makes clothes buying a total nightmare.
I’m stuck between a sweet, slogan-sporting top and baby pink hard place.
Clothes manufacturers, it seems, want our girls to conform: you’re either a cutie or fashionista.
My girl is neither.

What is it with little girls’ clothes? Why are they¬†inappropriate or teenage-esque? Or bloody pink?
I don’t know, maybe I’m being unkind or exaggerating or just shopping in the wrong places.
But there are some shops I’ve gone into where I have struggled to find something which isn’t trying to make my 6 year old look 16.
I don’t want her to look 16, I want her to look 6.

I get approached by lots of clothes companies through this blog to review their range.
Vertbaudet and Boden got the thumbs up, but many others, while the clothes are just beautiful, simply don’t suit a tomboy who wants practical. And by practical I mean she wants the ability to climb trees/wrestle/grub around in the garden in them.

Then I was contacted by Alison at Original Sister. I loved everything in her ‘contemporary’ online store. I knew Mia would too. There was even a dress I was pretty sure she’d deign to wear.
So we said a big old yes please and a huge box of goodies arrived. A whole capsule wardrobe in one box. And we squealed and had a ‘fashion show’ and tried things on with other things and, well, did things Mia would NEVER ordinarily want to do if clothes were involved.
They’re not cheap – Gap or Boden prices I guess – but the quality is superb and Mia has had so many comments from people wanting to know where her outfit is from.
To which her response is: “My mummy got sent them because people think she’s important or something.”
You’re welcome.

And if anyone else wants a good old moan about girls clothes, Alison’s all ears!

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