How do you make a life-long friend?

Dan has known Drew since he was 7 months old when they crawled around on the floor together and threw food at their carers at nursery.
They left nursery at the age of four and both sets of parents went their separate ways but remained friends.
Now Dan and Drew see each other infrequently; 4 maybe 5 times a year.

But they still seem to have this connection. An unspoken bond. And whenever they are together they play fabulously and like they’ve never been apart.
They never squabble or fight (play fight OBVIOUSLY), nor are there any power games.
They’re just old friends reconnecting and it’s lovely to witness.

We visited Drew and his little sister last weekend and Dan wanted to take a Playmobil glider (that we had been sent to review) to build with his friend.
Watching them put it together was a joy. Like they had this unspoken connection; like they knew what each other wanted.
Here they are at work. And play. With a toy that quite frankly I got bored of hearing “that is so COOL” about it. Judge for yourself.

I look back at photos of the pair of them growing up together and they were so hilarious. From forming a ‘band’ one Christmas . . .

To, errr, discovering sticky dots . . .

To just chilling out like two old men in the back garden on the same chair (when there are about five others dotted around the place).

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