Becoming a better photographer by osmosis

I watched this man like a hawk for a whole week earlier this year when I travelled to Indonesia with children’s charity Unicef to witness their immunisation programme for myself.
So, really really sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable at any point Josh, but ya know, a girl has to learn somehow!

Josh Estey is a professional photographer who hails from the US but is now based in Bali where he lives with his wife and three kids. He also has a slight obsession with bikes.
But boy could he take photos. And make his subjects feel totally at ease. In the most extreme of conditions.

Yes, I travelled to the other side of the world – THE OTHER SIDE OF THE BLOODY WORLD – and saw amazing things, met amazing people, found incredible hope. And I cannot wait to share the whole darn lot of it.
I took quite a few photographs too!

This, dear internet, was one of those journeys where you come home and think: THIS is why I blog.

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