The Photo Gallery: A Happy Memory

Aren’t all photographs happy memories? Isn’t that why we take them?
So pretty impossible task to try to find ONE memory to blog about.

Back in my days as a journalist, I was very privileged to have been sent on many many wonderful press trips.
But this one sticks in my mind as the most awesome. It’s the one I bring out whenever anyone would say ‘what’s the best press trip you’ve ever been on’. And it was my favourite because it was a ‘geek’ press trip.

For this photo right here is me sat in Luke Skywalker’s house on the set of the Star Wars movie, in Tunisia. We were on a ‘Star Wars safari’.
What can I tell you; I am a movie and a sci fi nerd. This was like all my Christmases had come at once.
We spent days touring the desert in 4x4s, dressing up in capes and rushing up sand dunes brandishing our lightsabers, stepping where Jedi Knights had been and enjoying feasts in the middle of nowhere under cover of a bedouin tent.

What can I tell you? It’s a pretty happy memory!
And yes, I do have a hat on. What of it?

This post for for week 74 of The Gallery: A Happy Memory.
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