Sometimes this blogging gig gets you a REAL perk

When these landed with a satisfying thud on our doormat there were actual squeals of delight.
Both of my kids are big fans of the book anyway, BUT they’ve been sent them a full 15 days before everyone else in the country gets to see the new edition of the Guinness World Records 2012.
AND their copies have been signed by the editor-in-chief who has written them lovely personal messages.
Like I said, perk central in the Sticky household.

Serious Mummy Brownie Points have been earned. SERIOUS.
Dan accosted the shop assistant in WH Smiths today when he spied their ‘advance order’ display for the book.
He was at pains to explain to the perplexed-looking woman how privileged they both are to have been chosen to see the book in advance.
And how “It’s because my mummy’s quite important online”

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