Should we get a dog?

Now there’s a loaded question.
It’s been something we’ve pondered as a family ever since our elderly and much beloved cat Lily died last year.
The kids saw it as the ideal opportunity to upgrade and ask for a dog.
So actually when I say it’s something we’ve pondered as a family, what I mean is it’s something the children and hubby are desperate to have and they’re trying to persuade me.

I adore dogs. Grew up with them. My mum shows and breeds dogs and a grew up with Afghan hounds which are the most lovely-natured creatures.
But here’s the thing.
If we have a dog it will become my ‘job’. My other job, because you know, I have a job.
And that job entails working from home so the trio of naggers see that as ‘mummy is perfectly placed to allow us to have a dog’. None of this away from the house all day nonsense.

I asked Twitter what we should do and my replies stream went bonkers with people resorting to shouting at me DON’T GET A DOG and YOU NEEEEED A DOG.

People even tweeted me photos of their dogs (melt) . . .

So, we’ve opted for the easy option for now!
His name’s Benji and Mia ADORES him.
He’s the cutest animatronic dog and Mia was sent him to review. She had the similar Biscuit a couple of years ago and he was huge – in size and popularity.
So Benji is a lot smaller, greets her with a bark when she enters her room (for he lives on her bed, obviously), loves to be tickled under his chin and will growl when you play tug o war and pull the rope in his mouth.
I have to say the noisy motors which make him move are rather distracting. Actually, they drive me MAD. But actually, he’s been with us a week now and you do kind of start to overlook them.

Whatever, it means we’ve gotten to postpone the ‘dog issue’ for a little while longer.
Who was that who said cop out? Show yourself . . .

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