And the winner is . . .

I have two fabulous prizes to hand out today; one a whole box of Lego Series 5 MiniFigures and the other gorgeous artwork for

First off the Lego competition winner.
The question was; If you could have any Lego MiniFigure sitting on your desk/bedside cabinet/kitchen counter – real or imagined – which one would you have?
And there were some quite frankly disturbing answers. Jedward? Peter Andre? Steve Backshall with his top off *ahem*. Lego are looking at them all, you know this right?

Anyway, the winner was to be picked by random draw by my two delightful assistants (the kids) who were asked to choose a number between 1 and 145 – and so their winner was  . . .

Many congratulations. Your box of Lego MiniFigures will be winging their way to you.


The second competition was to win some beautiful artwork from The Little Picture Company – an online store selling art for children.
The winner gets to choose their own a word using a selection of adorable letters like these above, to create their own print.
And that winner is: Kelloggsville for her entry in The Photo Gallery: A Happy Memory.
Her entry was called A BHS breakfast and in the words of Anita Singh from The Little Picture Company: “It was the one which stayed with me long after reading it”.

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