We heart Ragdale Hall

It’s the sort of place where you can actually switch off from stress.
You arrive at the ivy-clad entrance of Ragdale Hall and are immediately transported into another world. A world of cosy corners, stately charm and friendly faces and you can’t help but relaaaax.

Ragdale Healthy Hydro is a place to sit around in your white, towelling robe, as you sink down into a comfy sofa and let life wash over you.
Read a book, read the papers, chat, stare at the walls. You can do all these things. It’s a home from home.
And just look at your surroundings. Gorgeous.

Hubby and I spent two days here being pampered. Two days of heaven.
Breakfast is served in bed. There are quiet rooms, bustling rooms, cafes, outdoor retreats, a pool, a gym, saunas of all descriptions, candle-lit pools – all designed to make you feel incredibly special.

And then of course, as this is a spa, there are the treatments. MELT.
As you sit in the bright, welcoming conservatory awaiting your name to be called you feel that slight tingle of anticipation. Be it facial, manicure, reflexology or hopi ear candles (as hubby opted for in a fit of experimentation) you sit there knowing that you’re heading for bliss.
And you don’t even care that you’re sat there with reams of other white-robed women (and a smattering of men) and it could look slightly sinister!

This is our second time at Ragdale (we went for hubby’s 40th last year) and it’s not cheap. In fact it’s rather expensive. Like Stella Artois expensive: reassuringly so! It’s the sort of thing you save up for as a treat yourself to. Because,  you know, you’re worth it. Well I definitely am anyway. Which is why Ragdale asked me to come visit and paid for us to indulge I’m telling myself . . .

I should also add an apology to the lovely therapist who gave me a back and head massage. I fell asleep under the spell of her relaxing treatment and woke up with a snort. A loud snort. The sort you can’t disguise or pass off as something other than the loud, honking noise it is.
Mortifying. But she handled it very well and I left feeling slightly less embarrassed than I should have.

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