The dreaded back to school shoe buying session with help from Clarks shoes

Every parent with a school-age child dreads it: Hauling them off to the shoe shop to get their feet measured amidst a sea of other parents who are also stressed/tearing their hair out/dreading spending a fortune on said items of school wear.

We were asked by Clarks to go test out their Back to School service.
With a big huff and a puff and armed with a bag full of bribery chocolate, we headed for our nearest store.
Oh god. School shoe shopping involves sweaty shops, shouty parents, annoying kids and QUEUES.
I am so not looking forward to this. I’ve had bad shoe shop experiences before.

But we get there and, well, there is only a handful of people there. Score.
A girl with a clipboard greets us and makes us smile.
Then a lovely chap measures and suggests and fits and sorts us out in, well, mere minutes.
And most of that was done while my back was turned. And by ‘my back was turned’ I mean I had to run back to the car to fetch my phone or I wouldn’t have been able to take these photos.

So there you have it. Stress-free shoe shopping.
And both my kids left the shop saying “that is the nicest shoe man we’ve ever ever had”. So gold star to Raphael.

Truth be told I have a real issue with fitted school shoes; they’re just so damn expensive.
Sure you get them fitted and ‘made to measure’ so to speak. But when you’re elbowing £40 for a pair of shoes you know will get scuffed to within an inch of their life after just one week in the playground, it’s rather galling.
Especially when you have to buy two pairs.
But then I’ve done the ‘cheap and cheerful’ option and it’s false economy as I end up buying two pairs in the time it takes to wear one expensive pair out.
*Shakes fist at sky*

So thanks very very much Clarks for supplying both my children with shoes as they head back to school in September.

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