Still rather obsessed with trees

During the school summer holidays there is nothing finer than packing the whole family up on a whim and heading to the hills at around 4pm.

Most people have taken their picnics and balls games and headed for home and you’re left to wander around the quiet woods; exploring the needle-strewn secret pathways, watching out for the wildlife and, of course, admiring the trees.

We are so so lucky to have this wonderful place just a 10 minute drive from our house.
It’s a place where children can climb beautiful, ancient trees, discover nature up close and personal and really really believe that fairytales can happen.

(NOTE: Yes, she’s wearing a dress tucked into her trousers. No, I had no control over this. Yes, she also has a large and very black tattoo on her forearm. She also wanted to wear a pair of black knee-high winter boots with this outfit. I put my foot down).

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