How to be the most popular girl at school . . .

. . . You donate this fabulous bit of kit to them.
When this Forest Lodge playhouse arrived in our first Toys R Us Toyologist box for this year, we jumped with joy.
I mean look at it. It’s gorgeous. It’s a ‘dream’ toy for the garden. And they were asking us to review it.
*Does lap of said garden*

But then we got to thinking. Mia is nearly 6. She’ll outgrow it soon.
And although it states that it’s suitable for ages 3 to 8, it’s not going to keep this six year old entertained for long.
So we thought, wouldn’t it be cool if we could give it to someone who could enjoy it for longer? Really appreciate it.
And so Dan and Mia came up with the idea of giving it to the Reception and Nursery class at their school.
Loads of children, constantly getting hours of joy out of it.

So, finally, here it is in place. Ready for when the children go back in September.
And here is the project manager overseeing it’s transition into the school playground.

We can’t wait to see a mini swarm of excitable newbies all over it come September.
THIS is what being a Toyologist is all about: Sharing the good fortune.


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