Dementors; Just as scary in Lego form as they are in the movies


The rest of the Harry Potter Lego we’ve been sent to build – and when I say ‘we’ I obviously mean my 8 year old – is just fabulous.
We’re currently reading the Harry Potter books together  so these sets couldn’t have come at a better time.

We’ve built the triple decker Knight Bus, complete with conductor Stan Shunpike, swinging chandelier and shrunken head.
And we’re currently recreating Hogwarts in the living room.
Who needs to go to Florida to experience Harry Potter world? I’ve got it in my front room!

UPDATE: Horror of horrors, a friend and her children visited tonight and one of them DROPPED HOGWARTS ON ITS HEAD!
There were tears. And not from my son.
Guess we’re going to have to start all over again . . .

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