Are you playing Happy Families?

Who knew the children’s card game Happy Families could be SO bloody ruthless?
Play against an 8 year old with a competitive streak and you’ll soon find out.

I cannot recommend this classic card game highly enough. Hours of family bonding. And by bonding I mean learning how to be crafty, manipulative, how to lie and to WIN AT ALL COSTS.
What’s not to love?
Seriously, go out and buy a pack. These Woodland Happy Families cost me about £3 on Amazon and we’ve played with them non-stop.
And, oh my goodness, we’ve discovered nana is SO cunning when she’s got those laminated little cards in her hands . . .

It seems to me they just don’t make games like they used to (Scrabble? Cluedo? Monopoly?)
What’s your favourite ‘old’ game?

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