When she sleeps she dreams of . . . oh hell, who knows?

After yesterday’s post about my daughter’s antics before bedtime I thought I should share this.
This is what greeted me when I went up to check on her.
To see if her covers had come off or whatever.
Oh her covers had come off alright . . . Right down there wedged between her bed and the wardrobe.

Her head isn’t actually on either of the pillows she’s dragged on to the floor with her; her face is pushed up the door of her wardrobe.
And yes, that’s her posh ‘fur’ coat right there behind her head. Her red fluffy princess mules are underneath so I can only assume she had a little fashion show or they’re there ready for a grand entrance in the morning.

Doesn’t look comfortable does it?
Well let me tell you, she was snoring her pretty little head off.
Saving that one up for the Things To Tell Her Unsuitable Boyfriend When She’s A Teen file.


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