Travelling in style

My children are going on holiday with their grandparents next week.
It’s the sort of holiday memories are made of; they are staying in a caravan at Weston Super Mare, with grandma, grandad and their teenage cousin.
I am so made up for them.
They’ve already negotiated how late they can stay up, what ‘goodies’ they will be shopping for and how many packets of Moshi Monsters grandma will buy them during the week.
Mummy and daddy have been forgotten.

For those of you wondering how I’ve managed to work such a miracle as having my children loved and looked after for a week without me there, well, I have truly wonderful in laws. The sort you’d want to steal, but you know, hands off.
I also used a Jedi mind trick.

And as if to make the journey even better we’ve been sent two products to test out which quite frankly are perfect for family holidays.
The first is an inflatable car booster seat – I mean what a bloody genius idea – called BubbleBum (snigger). That’s it there in the small purple bag. That little thing that you could sling in your rucksack. No more struggling through airports with a ruddy great hulk of plastic to use in the hire car at the other end of our flight because they wanted to charge us some ridiculous amount for KEEPING OUR CHILD SAFE. No siree.

The second is a Trunki travel toy box. Which the kids have stuffed with everything from playing cards and crayons to their DSs, favourite books and good ole Woody.
Just watch as grandma copes with them riding that toy box round their challenged-for-space caravan.
You’re welcome!

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