The Gallery: Vintage

On my wedding day nearly 10 years ago I wore this pearl necklace.
My nan’s pearl necklace.
It was my ‘something old’ and it made me feel that she could be with me sharing my big day when she could not.
If she were still alive, it would have been her birthday yesterday. So today I am honouring her here on my blog.
I have no idea what this necklace meant to her or whether it was a gift or how often she wore it. And I’m a bit sad about that truth be told.

But when my mum gave it to me just before my wedding day it felt like each and every pearl had a little memory of our lives crammed into it.
And I like to think that nan watched over us all with a little smile on her face.

It’s amazing how history can make something so simple appear very beautiful. I look forward to the day I can give it to my own daughter and pass on all those memories to her.

This is me wearing those pearls on my wedding day.
Nearly TEN years ago. Holy cow!

This post is for Week 66 of The Gallery: Vintage.

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