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When I was 5 my mother and father sold up everything and went travelling.
I discovered my inner hippy chick and pretty much lived in a kaftan.
For yes, that little cutie is me.
We packed our worldly possessions into a Comma van towing a caravan and travelled through France, Spain and north Africa for six months.

Can you even imagine how much fun that must have been for a child?

I spent my sixth birthday on a beach in Morocco gathering shells. I made friends with the locals, befriended the local wildlife and was ‘home’ schooled for a year. On my return to school back in the UK, I was way ahead of everyone else my age.

I had spent six months at the School of Life.

I think about the wonderful Victoria Wallop, who is doing something very similar (but on a much MUCH grander scale) with her three children and wonder what sort of memories they will have in years to come and how much of it they will remember when they are like me; married with children of their own and a lifetime of other memories heaped on top of these.
My mother had the foresight to help me keep a diary of our adventure which we packed with words, pictures, shell,  tokens, travel stubs etc
All of which I still have now, tucked away in a box somewhere. A little part of my childhood wrapped up in the pages of a 5 year old’s diary and a bunch of photographs (which from the style above you can so tell were taken in the 1970s!)

There was, of course, no such thing as blogging back then!

Travelling with our children is, I think, a wonderful thing. There is so much to learn, to see, to taste, to experience.
I do wonder if I could ever do what my mum or Victoria have done with my own children. But looking back on my own experience it was life enhancing.

This post is for Week 65 of The Gallery: Travel.

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