The Gallery: Grandparents

This is my maternal grandmother.
Neither of my children ever met her and that remains one of my life’s great regrets.
She would have been an awesome great grandma.

This photograph sits above my desk in my office. She watches over me, as she did in life, her beautiful face beaming down on me.
I can see my daughter in her eyes, my own mother in her smile – that one photo capturing generations of our family.

She didn’t look anything like this when I knew her. She was my nan with grey hair, slightly stooped shoulders and a constantly bronzed, lined face.
She taught me how to say the alphabet backwards, how to make crisps, she brushed my hair 100 times before bedtime, played football in the garden with us and she took me on holiday to Whitby. To see the seaside.
She loved show jumping and snooker and pork scratchings. And she loved her grandkids.
We always always knew she loved us.

I adored my nan. She wasn’t perfect, but she was perfect for me.
At her funeral we played the theme tune to the movie Titanic. I remember buying her the DVD and she was wide-eyed at this most amazing invention.

Now my children have grandmothers of their own. Nana and grandma.
And I know they will be making the same wonderful memories with them.
There is something very special about the relationship you have with your grandparents.
This post is for Week 64 of The Gallery: Grandparents.

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